Powering Your School's Identity

Thrillshare manages all online interactions between your schools and your audience. You can craft a unique identity across web, mobile, social media, and alerts with a single, simple-to-use tool.

A laptop and iPhone using Thrillshare

Update your school website, app, social media, and alerts right from your phone

Thrillshare is built to run on mobile. It’s like having a professional marketing and communication team inside an app. Send messages from anywhere, update information on the go, and capture stories right where they happen.

Thrillshare Mobile on an iPhone

When managing event information inside of Thrillshare, schools can connect with Google and Microsoft Calendar and keep all of their event information updated and easily accessible on both their websites and mobile applications.

Thrillshare integrates with both Google and Microsoft Single Sign On, allowing users even easier access to their accounts.

Built for schools

In schools, great stories don’t happen in administrative offices. They happen in classrooms, football fields, theaters, and hallways. Thrillshare empowers school leaders to control their messaging and the people closest to these stories to be the storytellers.

Teachers can upload stories, and administrators choose what goes out to the public. Stay in control while building your brand with your whole staff.

A grid of school photos